1. We, as Hood, affirms creative practice as a generative activity, positing new forms rather than the reproduction of historically existant styles of dance, performance or art.

2. We are interested in the vital interrelation of human thought and action.

3. We explore this through an array of contexts and mediums: Dance, Music, Film, Text, Food, Typography, Technology/Computing, Fashion, Fitness, Education.

4. Hood encourages the reader to consider the list above as an actual body, and not simply a series of words. “Typography & Technology/Computing” would comprise the waist, Education the feet, and Dance the head.

5. We promote the order of things being infinitely redistributable.

6. We are committed to devising knowledge that communicates to a broad and diverse audience the seemingly ambiguous nature of art.

7. We understand artistic creation as a form of emergence - nonlinear and enabled by/between sensing bodies.

8. We recognize that invention can start from any point and that on closer inspection, the point of departure is usually not the grand point.

9. For example: .

10. We affirm that discovery can also rely on what is immediately at-hand (or foot).

11. We celebrate the intrinsic fact that the creative process does not:

  • Always coincide with singular authorship
  • Begin most potently from a written concept
  • Involve a distinct beginning and ending
  • Necessarily leave a material product

12. We recognize that there are instances where the above statements may also not be true

13. Disciplinary boundaries and labels are less interesting to HOOD than the content of the art produced. Context follows form.

14. We envision a long-term structure for collaboration balancing change and flexibility.